“Our philosophy is all about showing this country as it is”
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Saigon to Hanoi 17D/16N

Bangkok to Saigon 15D/14N

Hanoi to Hoi An 13D/12N

Hanoi to Luang Prabang 11D

Hanoi to Kontum Highland 10D

Angkor to Saigon 10D/9N

Hanoi to Dien Bien Phu 7D/6N

Nhatrang to Hue Imperial 6D

Meandering Mekong Delta 5D

Saigon to Cantho 4D/3N

Saion to Vung Tao Beach 3D

Saigon to Nam Catien Park 2D

Ho Chi Minh Mytho Full Day

Bicycle Rental

Indochina Bike Tour 21D/20N

Cambodia Explorer 16D/15N

Bangkok to Saigon 15D/14N

Cambodia Cycling Challenge 13D/12N

Cambodia Adventure 12D/11N

Angkor to Pakse(Laos) 11D

Cambodia Discovery 10D/9N

Angkor to Saigon 10D/9N

Southern Adventure 8D/7N

Bangkok to Angkor 8D/7N

Angkor to Sihanouk Ville 8D/7N

Phnom Penh to Angkor 6D/5N

Angkor Adventure 6D/5N

Angkor Cycling Back Roads 5D

Angkor Cycling & Trekking 4D

Angkor Discovery 3D/2N

Angkor Explorer 2D/1N

Essential Angkor Full Day

"Best Price, Good Value, Direct Deal, Cambodia Trip: Cycling, Classic Tours, Dirt Bike Tours.

Cambodia Cycling aims to take tourists to see real Cambodia and Indochina region including Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. 70 to 80% of our cycling routes are off road and back roads to enjoy the countryside, the villages, the people to experience their cultures and their wonderful smile children. Our phiosophy is: to provide once in a lifetime adventure trip with real life experience and see real country. Cambodia Cycling is a professional Cycling Tour Operator providing affordable cycling trip and other adventure tours in Cambodia since 1999. Cambodia Biking Trip is the best way to explore the country. Cambodia Cycling provides professional cycling guides who  have been passionate about cycling for many years. >> Learn More about what previous customers say about us. Visit our Guest Book.

More than cycling, we are really excited to show tourists our country, meeting with the people and interacting with the community. You will enjoy local food to experience rural Cambodia at its most authentic. Most of our cycling guides are members of Cambodia Cycling Federation. They are proud and eager to promote cycling across Cambodia and the region.

Our Cycling Tours combine historical sites such as Angkor, enjoyable scenery, people and their culture as your cycle along. Booking cycling tours with us, ensure BEST LOCAL PRICE, enjoyable off the beaten track, real dirt roads and back roads.>> Learn More about our some of our cycling routes on You Tube.

We have been running Charity Cycling & Trekking for many years. Our team has got over 19 years expertise in these adventure tours in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. We offer competitive price and our professional team work hard to ensure the charity event is one of the best in the Southeast Asia.

Below are our Cycling Tours in Cambodia, and the combined cycling trips with Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. As per our Booking Conditions , we can run the trips for you with minimum 2 people.


21 Days
Indochina Bike Tours
The best and unique bike tours in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. From Bangkok to Angkor. Extensively explore Cambodia, then cycling to visit the Mekong Delta before reaching to Saigon. >> Learn More
21 Days
Luang Prabang to Angkor
This Laos and Cambodia Cycling Tours combines the cultural interests of the two countries, starting from the Laos World Heritage Site Luang Prabang to Cambodia World Heritage Site of Angkor Complex. >> Learn More
17 Days
Indochina Adventures
Cycling from Saigon to visit Mekong Delta, bustling Phnom Penh capital, Angkor temples, cycle along Mekong to Laos, visit 4 Thousand Islands, Irrawady Dolphins and finishes in Pakse. >> Learn More
15 Days
Bangkok to Saigon
Discover Indochina by bike from Bangkok to Angkor, crossing Tonle Sap lake to visit Phnom Penh, Takeo, Chau Doc to Saigon. >> Learn More
15 Days
Angkor to Luang Prabang
This Cambodia, Thailand and Laos cycling tour, start in Angkor to cycle to see REAL Cambodia, Thailand and Laos how differences the 3 countries to learn their cultures.
>> Learn More
13 Days
Tour De Cambodia
This is not a bike racing but group cycling 13 days from Angkor to Sihanouk Ville. Best price. Great value & good fun, help children with HIV/AID. >> Learn More
12 Days
Cambodia Adventure
Cycling to visit Cambodia around Tonle Sap lake, start from Angkor, trekking to waterfall, visiting community.Bamboo train, Phnom Penh Capital, Takeo, Beaches in Kep and Sihanouk Ville. >> Learn More
11 Days

Cambodia Mountain Biking
Cambodia Mountain Biking from Angkor to Phnom Penh, Takeo, beautiful beaches of Kep and Sihanouk Ville, Cardamom Mountain at Chi Phat and Ta Tai Eco-Tourism, Koh Kong and Bangkok. >> Learn More

11 Days
Biking The Historical & Ancient Capitals
New Biking Tour in Cambodia with fun and enjoyable 70-80% off road and back roads. Never done by other tour companies, suitable for all levels of riders, first or second time cycling in Cambodia >> Learn More

11 Days
Angkor to Pakse (Laos)
Visit Angkor on back road, Phnom Penh city tour, follow Mekong trail to cross Laos border. Cycle to visit water fall, 4 thousand islands, Wat Phu (Southern Laos).
>> Learn More
10 Days
Angkor to Saigon
From Saigon, visit the Mekong Delta cycle to Cambodia Border then to former Khmer Empire, Phnom Penh and Angkor. >> Learn More
10 Days
Cambodia Discovery
Cycling to visit the bustling city Phnom Penh-Southern Part-Trekking and Angkor complex temple. >> Learn More
9 Days
Angkor to Vientiane
This Cambodia, Thailand, Laos cycling enable you to see REAL Cambodia, Thailand and Laos within 9 Days. Start from Angkor and finish in Vientiane. >> Learn More
9 Days

New biking tour to see REAL Cambodia around Tonle Sap lake. Local experience Bamboo train, the bustling Phnom Penh and historical Angkor complex.
>> Learn More

8 Days
Bangkok to Angkor
Bangkok, Pattaya, Chantaburi, Pailin on the quiet road in former Khmer Rouge town to Battambang, Tonle Sap lake and Angkor. >> Learn More
8 Days
Angkor to Sihanouk Ville
Cycle tours on the back road of Angkor, crossing Tonle Sap lake to Phnom Penh, visit Kirirom and Ream National Parks, beach break in Sihanuk Ville. >> Learn More
8 Days
Southern Adventure
Discover the quiet and less visited Southern Part, and the Beach.  Visit Phnom Penh, the bustling city. >> Learn more
7 Days
Visit Angkor temple complex by bike is the best way to explore. Boat trip to visit Tonle Sap floating village. Bike/boat to Phnom Penh to visit Cheung Ek Killing Field & Genodie Museum S21. >> Learn more
6 Days
Angkor Adventure
Angkor biking trips to visit Angkor complex, trekking to water fall and visit jungle temple Beng Mealea. >>Learn more
5 Days
Angkor Cycling Back Roads
Cycling tour on the back road to visit Angkor complex, Tonle Sap lake, Kbal Spean (One Thousand Liangs), Beng Mealea >> Learn more
4 Days
Angkor Cycling & Trekking
Cycling trips and trekking to visit Angkor complex, Tonle Sap lake, Banteay Srei, Landmines Museum, Kulen Water Fall. >> Learn more
3 Days
Angkor Discovery
Discover Angkor complex on the bicycle and trek to the river of thousand lingas.
>> Learn more
2 Days
Angkor Explorer
Explore on shady road to visit Angkor complex on the back road and Tonle Sap lake.
>> Learn more

Full Day
Beng Mealea Delight: Departure Everyday
Enjoy cycling trip to Beng Mealea, the lost temple of Indiana Jones. Escape from the crowded tourists temple in Angkor Complex to enjoy the countryside, the untouched Beng Mealea temple hidden in the jungle. >> Learn More
Full Day
Angkor Full Day Cycling
Full day cycling tour to visit Angkor Wat - Angkor Thom - Bayon - untouched temple Ta Phrom. >> Learn more
Full Day

The Village Experience Bike Ride follows our concept to take tourists to see REAL Cambodia on the two wheels. We support community based eco-tourism. >> Learn More

countryside bike ride
Half Day
Phnom Penh Cycling
There are 4,000 islands along the Mekong River. Experience the cycling and see REAL lives of the people on the Mekong Silk Island near Phnom Penh. >> Learn More
Half Day
Tonle Sap Bike Ride
Tonle Sap Bike Ride is for tourists who have already seen Angkor temples and would like to cycle through local village & take Tonle Sap boat trip. >> Learn More