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Topic: The 3rd Charity Cycling for Angkor Hospital for Children
Event date: Sunday 13th August, 2017

Cambodia Cycling Company together with Asian Square Group will organize the 4th charity cycling event on Sunday 13th, August 2017. The charity cycling event aims to raise fund to support Angkor Hospital for Children. We believe that children health are very important for development our country and for sustainable development of our business, we have to respect environment and be part of social responsibility. The participation fee is USD35 for international rider and USD15 for Cambodian riders. The fee is included mountain bike, T-shirt, snack & drink, 1 lunch. To register, please e-mail us:

This fund raising event won’t be successful without supporting from all involved authorities, private sectors, Angkor Hospital for Children, local and foreigners participants who commit their time, their energy and their budget to contribute the fund raising event for Angkor Hospital for Children. Therefore we are seeking for sponsorship from all private companies to support Angkor Hospital for Children. The sponsorship is open from 01st May until 7th August, 2016. The company’s logo will be printed on 700 T-shirt for all the participants, all banners and cover by social media. The post event donation related to this fund raising event is open from 15th August until 31st December, 2017 and your company will receive thank you letter from Angkor Hospital for Children. 

After the event, there will be media cover and all the photos and video clips will be sent to all sponsors showing that all the participants who committed their time, energy and money to join the event not just for fun, good health but also for supporting the Angkor Hospital for Children. Without their participation and the supports from all the sponsors and involved authorities, this event won’t happen and they should be proud that they can complete this challenge and say “Yes, we can do it”.

Fund raising target: over USD15,000 (01 May to 31 December, 2017)

-Silver: USD100 to USD200 (1 representative can join free of charge)

-Gold: USD201 to USD300 (2 representatives can join free of charge)

-Premium: USD301 to USD500 (3 representatives can join free of charge)


Location for sponsorship: Angkor Hospital for Children & Asian Square Restaurant & Lounge. Sponsorship through social media and other online are also appreciated and required to send company logo by 7th August, 2017. 

After the event, report of the fund raising cycling event, sponsorship and donation will be sent to all sponsors, donors, participants and involved authorities. The co-organizers and Angkor Hospital for Children have agreed for transparency and accountability for all the sponsors, donors, participants and to the public. 

Participants: 600 to 700 cyclists (both local and foreigners)
Participation fee: USD15 per person (for both local) / USD35 for foreign nationalities.
Register location: Angkor Hospital for Children, Asian Square Restaurant, Flying Bike Shop in Siem Reap. 

Inclusion: Bicycle rental fee, T-shirt, water, soft drink, snack, picnic lunch. 

The above participation fees will be donated directly to the Angkor Hospital for Children.